#6 Jeremie Densberger
Posted 27 Jun 2014 in Drivers - Sprint

Division: Sprint
Name: Jeremie Densberger
Age: 23
Hometown: Wahoo
Car#: 6
Years In Racing: 8
Car Owner: Jeremie Densberger
Crew Members: Ralph Densberger (dad)
Steven Hoyle
Sponsors: DJ DuVall
Sick Tin Garage
Auto Craft Apholstery
Douglas Tire
U-Save Pharmacy
Family: Ralph & Cathy Densberger (parents)
Alexis (wife)
Brooke (daughter)
Roxy & Melissa (sisters)
Job Info: Custom Fitter/Welder for Valmont
Racing Accomplishments: 2003 & 2006 Wavelink Track Champion
Comments: Dale Hoyle got me started racing go-karts at Nebraska City Raceway in 2002
where I finished 2nd in points. In 2003 we started racing at Wavelink Raceway Park
where i won two track championships and countless wins against the best compotion at
that time. In 2007/2008, Duane Bender (DABCO) gave me the oportunity to drive his
mini-sprint for 2 1/2 years before he retired in 2009. At that time i took six years
off to go to college where i gratuated from SCC welding program and started working
at Valmont. I also got married to Alexis and had our daughter Brooke. After two
years of preparing, we made it out to Eagle with a sprint car! When i was 4 years
old in the stands at Eagle, I told my dad that i wanted to race a sprint car. Thanks
to alot of hard work and determination, I am now living my dream and am one step
closer to racing with the World Of Outlaws!

Posted by eagle