Amanda Rhiley #51

Amanda Rhiley #51

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Compact
Name: Amanda AKA Duh!
Age: 29
Hometown: Bennington
Car#: 51
Years In Racing: 5
Car Owner: ME!
Crew Members: Dad, Joe, Sean and one else I can sucker into helping me!
Sponsors: 2 Men and a Shop, 2 Men Auto Sales, ME!
Family: Raylyn- Daughter
Job Info: 2 Men and a Shop. I have 21 hats, I wear multiple ones at one time, trust me I look funny sometimes.
Racing Accomplishments: 2006 – 12th in Points at Eagle Raceway.

2007 – 11th in Points at Eagle Raceway (I guess that means I am getting better each year… I think!). Eagle Raceway Slick Chick Award.

2008 – A Feature win At I-80, 2nd in State Points for IMCA, 4th in the Nation for IMCA, Eagle Raceway Nebraska Cup win, 6th in Points at I-80, 2nd in Points at Butler County.

2009 – 3rd Place at Eagle Raceway, Eagle Raceway Slick Chick Award, Eagle Raceway Nebraska Cup win for the second time.

2010- 9th in points

Many heat and B Feature wins over the three years. A lot of people say they don’t count, but to me they do!


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