Grossenbacher, Hiatt, Roth, Pavey & Carter win Mother’s Day Weekend

Grossenbacher, Hiatt, Roth, Pavey & Carter win Mother’s Day Weekend

By Greg Soukup

Another week, another great crowd, another large group of racers and another fabulous race day was the rule on Saturday as Pepsi presented Hot Mamas Night on the high banks of America’s Home Track, Eagle Raceway.

There were no significant happenings in the preliminary racing.

The first lap of the Hoosier Tire IMCA Sport Modified A Feature saw a big pile-up in turn 4 coming to the green flag. Although all cars got going, the caution lights were lit due to debris from the pile-up. The first official lap saw Troy Sanford’s 12 out front with Randy Fox’s 09RX, the 5S of Roger Sluka and Dion Kovar’s 18 the top 4. Kovar moved past Sluka on lap 2 for third and then Sluka lost fourth to the 25X of Joe Feyen. Kyle Flodman’s 7K and the 62 of Bobby Draper got together and both cars ended up going to the pits for the night. Feyen moved up to third one lap after the restart, but lost the spot on lap 7 to Shawn Harker in the 40. Harker advanced another position the next lap as Feyen grabbed the lead. That put Fox in third and Sanford fourth. Harker got past Fox the next circuit with the 14T of Trent Roth grabbing fourth. There were 8 laps left when the 25 of Gunnar Pike looped it in turn 4. Roth took advantage of the restart to move up to third as Kovar again moved to fourth. Roth stayed on the move taking second the next circuit and moving to the lead with 3 laps left. The final top 4 were Roth, Harker, Feyen and Kovar.

“We had a really good run tonight after starting ninth. I was running the bottom to start, but Harker showed me the top so I moved up there. I always have fun racing with Shawn though. The track started out rough, but ended up smooth and racy, so thanks to Roger for that. I also want to thank the fans for coming out and I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all of the ladies out there” Roth said. Roth’s sponsors include Razor Chassis, Wild West BBQ, Cuba Construction and Speedway Crate Engines.

Jeff Ware’s #83 hit the front stretch wall hard enough on lap #1 of the Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stock A Main to cause it to lose the left rear wheel assembly. At that time, the top 4 were Tyler Jackson’s 13T led followed by the 2C of Dave Carter, Brett Saathoff’s 11B and the 4B of Ben Becher. On the restart, Carter passed Jackson for the lead. Chad Fegley got past Becher on lap 3, putting the 13F into fourth. Fegley moved up to third on lap 7 with Roy Armstrong taking the fourth spot the next lap. Fegley advanced to second with 9 to go and Armstrong moved to third and Damon Richards took fourth in the 67. Saathoff spun in turn 4 with 7 left and Richards headed to the pits with a flat right rear tire. Carter went very high with 6 to go, allowing Fegley to grab the lead, but Kenny Roberts looped his #69, bringing out the caution flag and putting Fegley back to second. This restart saw Fegley go too high, allowing Armstrong to take over second. Unfortunately, Armstrong had front end problems, causing him to slow the next time around and allowing Jeff Watts to move up to fourth. Watts took over third the next time around and passed Fegley the last couple of laps to move to second. With 2 to go Cody Leifeld cracked the top 4 in his 24X. The top 4 at the checkers were Carter, Watts, Fegley and Leifeld.

Carter could not be located for an interview.

Justin Wulf in the 86, the 25! of Trevor Baker, Bob Ruisinger’s 7 and the 007 of Jeff Schroyer were out front of lap 1 of the Kaplan University IMCA Modified main event. Wulf, Baker and Schroyer spun in turns 1 & 2 on lap 2 making the top 4 Ruisinger, the V45 of Rik Gropp, Brandon Spanjer’s 19XX and the 21 of Josh Blumer. Spanjer took the lead on the restart with Gropp also passing Ruisinger and Anthony Roth’s 60IV holding fourth. Lap 3 had Tracy Harr’s 5T and the 4D of Patrick Donovan spinning out in turn 4. Peter Shoup’s 79 spun out in turn 3 on the restart and Donovan looped it on the next restart. Blumer took the lead on the next start with Gropp taking second, Roth moving to third and Roger “Chevy” Hadan moving up to fourth. Shane Hiatt put the 21H into fourth the next lap. Hiatt took over third on lap 5. The next lap saw Roth move up to third and jump all of the way into the lead after another circuit. Hiatt advanced to second after 1 more lap as Roth got caught up in traffic. Jan Korth spun the 42K in turns 1 & 2 after another lap. At that time, it was Blumer, Hiatt, Gropp and Roth. 1 lap after the restart Jared Deterding’s 13J and Baker got together for another caution period.  Hadan grabbed third on the restart with Roth holding onto fourth. Hiatt grabbed the lead the next time around with Roth moving to third. Roth took over second with 4 to go. The final slowing of the action came the next time around as Jaxon Saathoff’s 96, the 7N of William Nusser and Deterding spun out in turns 1 & 2. The final top 4 were Hiatt, Roth, Blumer and Hadan.

This was Hiatt’s second in a row for Hiatt at Eagle Raceway and third in a row over all. “I was really digging around the bottom, but found the top even better later on. I had a great time racing with Roth and Blumer. I just found the line quicker than they did and my car was on a rail. I want to give a special thanks to Scott Bivens; we had a problem with the carburetor in our heat and he helped us get it right for the feature. I want to send out my thanks to my mom and dad and my brother Sean, Kyle Schamp, Jared Adkins, Max Mirouski and Preston Smith for all that they do for me” said Hiatt. Hiatt’s sponsors include BSB Manufacturing, Moock Trucking, Wojo Painting, CPD Racing Shocks, Baker Boys Racing, Carquest, Rerucha Ag and Auto Supply, J & K Motorsports, Dylan Smith Racing, Billy’s Bar and Grill, Rosco Racing Parts, Over the Edge Motorsports, and Knuth Farms.

The Mountain Dew Kick Start IMCA Sport Compact Feature saw Sarah Cronin’s #8, the 70SS of Larry Cronin, Danny Morris in the 22B and the 30 of Erica Krichau the first 4 to the flag stand after lap 1. Larry Cronin jumped up to the lead on lap 3 with Brian Cronin’s 35 taking over third and Krichau holding onto fourth. Spencer Pavey III put the 32 into fourth after another lap and moved up to third the following time around with Tommy Etherton putting the 24T into fourth. Cole Krichau passed Etherton after another lap, making the 30K fourth. Pavey advanced to second with 8 to go. 2 laps later Cole Krichau took third with Etherton again moving to fourth with 3 to go. Larry Cronin had stretched his lead to over a straightaway with 2 laps left when Shawn Hein’s 5H experienced a problem and started moving to the bottom of turn 1 right in front of Cronin who ran into him very hard, slammed the turn 1 Armco and flipped. The red lights were lit while he was extricated and subsequently taken to his pit in the ambulance. At last report Mr. Cronin is okay. That made the top 4 Pavey III, Cole Krichau, Etherton and the 10KB of Kyle Owen. Owen passed Etherton with 2 to go, making the final top 4 Pavey III, Cole Krichau, Owen and Etherton.

Pavey related “That was and awesome time. It’s always great racing with Cole. I hope that Larry is okay; that was a bad hit. A shout out to mhy brother Levi for his graduation. It was great to win for Mother’s Day. Thanks to everyone who helps me out on the car; Scott, The Man The Myth The Legend, my wife my Dad, all of my family, the Maas family and my little brother”. Pavey III’s sponsors include Coulter Excavating and S & K Services.

Mike Boston’s 51 held a slim lead over the 35 of Trevor Grossenbacher after 1 lap of the Racesaver IMCA Sprint Car finale. Lap 2 saw Joey Danley’s 14 move to third followed by Terry Richards’ 18 which took fourth. Ryan King put the 93 into fourth on lap 4. King moved up to third 2 laps later but Shayle Bade’s 03 stopped on the front stretch. Grossenbacher moved to the lead on the restart with King again advancing to third. Lap 8 saw Adam Gullion’s 91 take over the fourth spot. There were 4 laps remaining when Gullion jumped up to second with King holding third and Jason Martin putting the #36 into fourth. King and Martin battle for the third spot, swapping the position back and forth with King holding it at the checkers. The final top 4 were Grossenbacher, Gullion, King and Martin.

Grossenbacher took the win after starting fourth. “Mike is tough to get by!! I wish the track was like this every week, because Roger did a great job on it tonight. I want to thank my whole crew for giving me a great car tonight. We’re celebrating not just Mother’s Day but 4 birthdays this week, and this win is a great way to do it” said Grossenbacher. Grossenbacher’s sponsors include, Lincoln Winnelson, Stop and Shop, SkyTop Towers and WC’s South.

Next Saturday is Armed Forces Night, presented by the Lincoln Salt Dogs, Kaplan University and The Eagle. All military in uniform or with military ID will be free! Twinky the Clown will be on site from 5:30 to 7:30 as will Brian Health. Front gates open at 5:15 with adult admission being $10, youths 6-12 are $5 and children 5 and under are free. Hot laps kick off at 5:30 with racing starting at 6:30. The Racesaver IMCA Sprints, Kaplan University IMCA Modifieds, Hoosier Tire IMCA Sport Modifieds, Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stocks and Mountain Dew Kick Start IMCA Sport Compacts will all be in action.

Pit gates open at 4:00 with pit admission being $25.


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