#32 Spencer Pavey III
Posted 16 Jun 2014 in Drivers - Sport Compact

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Compact
Name: Spencer Pavey III
Age: 24
Hometown: Sterling, NE
Car#: 32
Years In Racing: First year
Car Owner: Spencer Pavey III
Crew Members: Louis Pavey, J.R. Pavey, Ryan King, Thomas Powell, George, Phoenix,
Rachele Pavey.
Sponsors: TDK lawn care, Brenning Painting, King Ranch Customs
Family: J.R., Kris, Kendra, Rachele, and Louis.
Job Info: DTB contracting
Racing Accomplishments: So far we have made it the A feature in all but one race,
and keep moving up!
Comments: Thank you to all the fans out there, and all the other racers for keeping
up the competition and making it fun.

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