#25! Trevor Baker

#25! Trevor Baker

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Mod
Name: Trevor  Baker
Age: 26
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Car#: 25!
Years In Racing: 4
Car Owner: BBR Motorsports
Crew Members: Corey Baker

Sponsors: Snyderized Car Care
Baker’s Honey – Kansas

Family: Erika McCarthy
Carrie & Joe Hancock
Tony & Kathy Baker
Corey & Rose Baker, Ben & Isabelle
Taylor Hancock
Anthony & Luke Baker
Job Info: Sysco Industries Sorter
Racing Accomplishments: 8th in Points 2nd year racing @ Beatrice Speedway.
Website: www.facebook.com/BBRMotorsports
Comments: Going to get that A Feature win this year!!  I thank my (late) Uncle Kevin
Snyder, #25, who raced for so many years and is my influence and inspiration to

Trevor Baker

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